BML can install a DPT (Diesel Power Tuning) unit to your Diesel engine to increase efficiency and save you money on fuel, contact
us today to discuss your requirements. Alternatly we can supply you with a DIY version with detailed pictorial instruction.

DPT connects between the original ECU and the injection system of your car. The DPT intercepts the data coming from the
original unit, re-calculates and optimises the data before sending the modified parameters to the pump.

Because of the very high compression ratio of diesel engines, typically over 20:1, the cylinders contain more air than is
needed for normal operating conditions. By slightly increasing the pressure at which the fuel is injected we make better use of ALL the air available which dramatically increases both the power and torque.

As a consequence of this the engine is operating more efficiently, so less throttle is required for any given set of driving conditions, the engine uses less fuel and is both more economical and consequently emits less CO2.

Increased torque means driving will require fewer gear changes and result in lower fuel consumption, typically a 10% improvement can be expected. Coupled with a high flow air filter and a fuel treatment the benefit will be enhanced further.

In some cases DPT has been programmed to provide up to 16% savings in fuel, making it a potentially major cost saving option for higher mileage drivers.

The Diesel Tuning Chip can be personalised to your driving style and requirements (within the vehicle tolerance limits).

It only affects the vehicle engine and is retrofit that can be switched off, it does not compromise the integrity of the vehicle and your ECU is not being re-mapped like many other upgrade options.

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